Heating elements

You can also heat the fireplace with electricity

Ecological and effective cleaning stone for fireplaces and doors

Installing heating elements in the fireplace’s side channels will make the fireplace more versatile. This is possible for almost all Tulikivi models.

With heating elements, you can store heat produced by electricity in your fireplace at night, and enjoy it during the day. You can heat your fireplace with electricity even when your house is empty or when you don’t have time to heat it with wood. So your fireplace will always be useful, and you will be able to enjoy its pleasant radiant heat in this way too. In a holiday home, a fireplace with heating elements can be used to produce a basic level of heat.

Electrical heating works in harmony with wood heating. You can heat your fireplace with wood or electricity or both at the same time. Convenient, isn’t it.

Heating elements do not prevent heating with wood

The heating elements do not get in the way of wood heating. The fireplace can be heated with both wood and electricity. The heating elements are installed in the fireplace’s side channels, where they are suspended from the fire cover. The elements can be serviced by lifting the stone fire covers out. The fireplace does not need to be dismantled for the maintenance. The Tulikivi fireplace installer installs the elements under warranty. The elements can only be installed during the installation of the fireplace. An electrician is only needed to connect the connecting cable.

This symbol tells you that the fireplace can be fitted with electric elements. Note! The electric elements are easiest to install during the installation of the fireplace itself. Our authorized Tulikivi installer will take care of the connections inside the fireplace.