Cooking products

Cook in your fireplace with Tulikivi’s soapstone cooking utensils

Prepare food in your fireplace easily and ecologically

The Tulikivi Cooking collection is an innovative range of products for the fireplace chef. The Cooking products can be used both for cooking in your fireplace and for serving cold food, due to the excellent heat retention and cold conductivity of Finnish soapstone.

The Cooking utensils and a cast iron griddle can be used in the fireplaces, bakeovens, electric and gas ovens, and gas and charcoal barbeques. However, they must not be heated on a cooker, hob or in a microwave oven, as this type of heat focuses on specific area, which may cause the soapstone dish to crack. When soapstone dishes are used in a fireplace over embers that are dying down, a grill grate and cast iron griddle must be placed over the embers first.  A perfect complement to the product range is a grate with legs that allows you to you barbeque all year round.

Clean and safe

Soapstone is a pure and safe natural material that is quarried in North Karelia. It does not contain any harmful substances and nothing extra comes off the stone into the food, not even flavour. Thanks to its low porosity, soapstone is easy to wash by hand and in the dishwasher, as all detergent residue, dirt and bacteria is washed off.

Soapstone’s excellent heat-retaining capacity makes it the perfect choice for cooking, as its residual heat cooks the food long after it has been removed from the oven. For example, if the baking stone has been heated at 300°C for a few minutes, the temperature will still be 200°C after 15 minutes and over 150°C degrees after 30 minutes. It is enough heat to cook a filet of fish, meat and vegetables.

Baking stones

Soapstone baking stones are ideal for thin and crispy pizzas, breads and pastries. The stone is available in two sizes. The larger stone is 29cm x 29cm and the smaller 23cm x 14cm. They come with an oaken holder on which the hot stone can be placed for serving.

Baking a thin and crispy pizza is easy with Tulikivi’s Cooking products. View the cooking tips.

Cooking pot

The cooking pots can also be used in electric ovens for slowly preparing very aromatic and tender foods, just like in a bakeoven. The cooking pot has a capacity of 2.5 litres. It is perfect for tasty puddings and casseroles! The cooking pot will keep them warm long after they have been taken out of the oven.

Steak stone

You can also cook a raw steak on a hot steak stone placed on the table, without having to fry it first. The steak will become tender under a lid just like in a stone slow cooker. With the steak stone, the meat will cook evenly on both sides. The steak will be deliciously browned on all sides and it will be tender and retain its juices. Unlike with a frying pan, there will not be grease splattering about.


The half-litre pots can be used to make individual dishes served at the table from the pots. You can also prepare a tasting menu with several dishes with them. The half-litre pot is also great for keeping butter or fresh cheese cold in summer. Butter will stay firm in a pre-cooled pot for a long time.

Cast iron griddle

You can use the cast-iron griddle on its own to cook in the fireplace. You also need it to cook with soapstone dishes in embers. The griddle is 30cm x 30cm in size.


The metal grate with legs is your basic tool for cooking in the fireplace. You can place it in the firebox when the fire has died out. Food can be placed directly on the grill grate for cooking. To cook with soapstone dishes, you must first place the cast-iron griddle on the grill grate. The large grate measures 465×300 mm and the small grate 315×300 mm. The grate comes as standard with all Karelia fireplaces.

The products can also be used to keep food cool after they have been chilled in the freezer first. They stay cold for a long time and keep food fresh.

View the Tulikivi Shop’s product range at, where you will find all the products you need for cooking in Tulikivi fireplaces. It also provides tips and products for cleaning and maintaining soapstone.