Maintenance & spare parts

Does your old fireplace need maintenance or repairs?

Our maintenance service can often repair and carry out maintenance on an old fireplace to make it good as new at a reasonable cost. Talk to a Tulikivi expert about which maintenance measures can or should be carried out on your fireplace. You will also receive an estimate of the cost of the repair. Did you know that you can claim tax credit for the labour costs of a maintenance repair?

Spare parts service

I know what I need, but I have lost the code for the spare part.

Please send us a description of the spare part and a picture of your fireplace using the form below and we will contact you by phone or email to order a new product. The serial number of the fireplace makes it much easier to find the spare part. You can find the serial number on the product nameplate (CE marking) that came with the fireplace delivery package.

Do you need a new grate, thermometer or a sealing strip for the door? Order spare parts easily from our dealers.

Maintenance or spare parts request

If your old fireplace needs spare parts, new doors, its firebox needs repairing or you want to update the look of your fireplace, please fill in and send us a message using the fireplace maintenance service form. We will contact you to discuss the scope, method and timing of the fireplace maintenance.