Custom fireplace

Your dream fireplace custom-made.

Our custom-made fireplace service will create the fireplace of your dreams just for you

If you can’t find a fireplace model that is right for you in our standard collection, don’t worry. Our custom-made fireplace service will listen to your individual wishes. So let us know what kind of fireplace you want. If possible, illustrate your ideas with a sketch, photo or newspaper clipping. Based on this, our designers will draw up a final proposal. When the dimensional drawing has been finalised, the drawings will go into production. And it won’t be long before you can fire up your first load of wood in your very own custom-made fireplace.

The fireplace of your dreams can be a variation of a standard model or a completely new, unique model made from your own sketches. Even in our custom-made fireplace service, we do not compromise on clean combustion requirements or sufficient heat-retaining material, because a fireplace is first and foremost a heat source.

Tips for creating your dream fireplace

Design a fireplace yourself or together with our fireplace installer. Our custom-made fireplace service will create the fireplace of your dreams, down to the last detail. Read our expert tips on how to make the fireplace of your dreams into a reality:

  • First, think about the location of your fireplace. If you’re replacing your old fireplace with a new one, take a few photos of the old one. On them, you can mark the location of the flue and sketch the outline of your new fireplace, for example.
  • Consider what is the most important feature of your fireplace. Are you dreaming of cosy evenings by the fireside, an efficient heat source or a proper bakeoven? While many custom-made fireplaces combine all three features, one of them is bound to be the most important for you.
  • Consider the appearance and material choices. Also take into account the impact on heating properties.
  • Make use of various tools to help you. Drawings, photos, magazine clippings, measurements and other things will help you in the early stages of design.

If a custom-made model would be most suitable for you and you would like to talk to one of our professionals about your dream fireplace, please send a contact request.

If a custom-made model would be the most suitable for you and you want to talk to our professional about your fireplace dream, then leave a contact request.