Optional Surfaces

Optional surfaces are available, they can bring a custom look to our masonry heaters. The surface and the functional characteristics of the stones used by Tulikivi for its soapstone heaters can be altered through different finishing techniques.

Choose a finish that matches your style

Classic is Tulikivi’s original matte finish. It reveals soapstone’s natural tones and patterns and its silky smooth texture invites touch! Among all finishes, Classic is the most straightforward to maintain: stains can be rubbed away with dish soap, and scratches can be removed with an abrasive pad.

Nobile looks and feels as luxurious as its name suggests. This finish gives soapstone the feel of suede and the light refracts beautifully from its lightly roughened surface. Nobile, which is darker than Classic, highlights the uniqueness of natural stone.

Unica plays on the same theme as Nobile but this time with subtle horizontal grooves running across the dark-toned surface

Grafia brings movement to soapstone while revealing its hidden treasures. When light hits the rough surface, the interior shimmers like precious stones.