Recipes for fireplace cooking

Prepare food ecologically on the stove

In fireplace recipes, your imagination is the only limit. With the residual heat and embers of the stocking fireplace, you can cook pizzas, pots and porridges and many other mouth-watering delicacies. The wood gives the delicacies simmering in the fireplace a unique aroma - you can really taste the real fire in the food.

Vegetarian food

1 whole celeriac

Wash and scrub the celeriac thoroughly. Bake on a baking stone in a bakeoven at 200°C for 2 hours, until it is soft inside. Cut the baked celery into wedges, season them with salt and place them on a potato flatbread. Finish off with a mixed seed pesto.

Mixed seed pesto

½dl sunflower seeds
½dl pumpkin seeds
½dl olive oil
1 tbsp of lemon juice

Toast the seeds in a pan and cool. Crush the seeds in a pestle mortar or blender into a coarse paste. Add the oil and lemon juice and season with salt.


Recipe: Ari Ruoho and Peppi Aralehto.

¼ white cabbage
¼ red cabbage
half a chilli
Juice of 2 limes

Cut the white and red cabbage into thin strips. Cut the chilli into thin rings. Mix together and season with lime juice and salt.
Suitable as a side dish with meat dishes, such as beef brisket.

Recipe: Ari Ruoho and Peppi Aralehto.

Fish dishes

Note First prepare the vegetable side dish for seasoning.

2 medium sized cleaned whitefish
rapeseed oil

Remove the scales from the whitefish and make a few incisions in the thickest part of the back. Season the surface and inside of the fish with salt. Rub oil into the fish so they don’t stick to the grill grate. Heat a grill grate in the firebox for 15 minutes until it is burning hot. Place the fish on the grill grate and cook on the embers for 10–15 minutes
until the fish are succulent and cooked.

Vegetable side dish
half a cucumber
1 small fennel
half a red onion
juice of 1 lemon
1 tsp grated lemon peel
freshly ground black pepper

Thinly slice the cucumber and fennel. Cut the red onion and marinate in lemon juice for half an hour. Mix everything together and season with salt, pepper and grated lemon zest. Season with salt and pepper.

Recipe: Ari Ruoho and Peppi Aralehto.

Puff pastry with quark:
50g butter
4dl wheat flour
1 tsp baking powder
250g quark
1 ½dl rice
500g rainbow trout
3 hard-boiled eggs
1dl chopped dill
freshly ground black pepper
1 egg for an egg wash

Prepare the dough. Rub the room-temperature butter into the flour and baking powder using your fingertips. Add the quark. Stir until smooth, but do not knead. Wrap the dough in cling film and put in the fridge for at least an hour.
Prepare the filling. Boil the rice in salted water until it is cooked. Crush the hard-boiled eggs with a fork and mix with the chopped dill. Season with salt and pepper.
Cut the salmon lengthwise into strips of about 15 cm. Cut the strips into pieces a few centimetres thick and season lightly with salt and pepper.
Roll out the dough into a rectangle of about half a centimetre thick on a 30cm x 40cm piece of baking paper.
Spread the filling lengthwise along one edge of the dough as follows: first a layer
of rice, then thin slices of salmon, and finally the egg and dill mixture.
Brush the dough around the filling with the egg wash and fold the other half of the dough on top to cover the filling. Turn the ends under and flip over. There is enough dough for two more coulibiac pies. Put the coulibiac pies in the fridge for half an hour. Brush the pies with the egg wash and cut the desired patterns onto the surface with a knife.
Bake in a bakeoven at 200°C on a baking stone for half an hour.
Serve with melted butter seasoned with dill.

Recipe: Ari Ruoho and Peppi Aralehto.

Meat dishes

1kg beef brisket (fatty cut of beef from chest)
1 tbsp ground chilli
1 tbsp smoked paprika powder
1 red chilli
4 cloves of garlic
2 onions
3 sprigs of fresh thyme
3 sprigs of fresh rosemary

Rub the meat with the salt, herbs and spices. Place the meat in an ovenproof cooking pot with a lid.
Split the chilli and peel the garlic cloves. Cut the peeled onions into four pieces. Put all the ingredients into the cooking pot and add enough water to cover the meat.
When you start cooking, the oven temperature should be around 250°C to ensure the surface of the brisket is nicely roasted.
The brisket should be left in the bakeoven to cook under a lid for 6-8 hours at 120°C.
Check the amount of liquid a few times during cooking. The meat is ready when a fork sinks into the meat easily.
Serve with potato flatbreads, coleslaw and BBQ sauce.

BBQ sauce

1 onion
2 sticks of celery
3 cloves of garlic
2 tablespoons of butter
100g tomato puree
1 tbsp soft brown sugar
3dl tomato juice
1 bay leaf
2 sprigs of thyme
1 tbsp ground smoked chilli
2 tsp salt
100g smoked bacon
3dl white wine
2dl demi-glace sauce base

Sauté all the chopped vegetables in butter. Chop the bacon and add to the pan. Add the tomato puree, sugar and spices. Stir and heat. Add the tomato juice and wine.
Simmer until almost all the liquid has evaporated from the sauce base.
Puree the sauce with a hand blender until smooth. Add the demi-glace to the sauce base and bring to the boil. Check the flavour

Recipe: Ari Ruoho and Peppi Aralehto.

Baking recipes

3 dl mashed potato
1 tsp salt
1 egg
Approx. 3 dl wheat flour
brown butter

Quickly mix the ingredients until smooth. Divide the dough into 10 parts and roll into balls. Roll the balls of dough into pancakes on a floured surface.
Prick the pancakes with a fork and bake in a hot bakeoven for 10 minutes.
Brush the potato flatbreads with brown butter when they come out of the oven.

Recipe: Ari Ruoho and Peppi Aralehto


100g sponge cake base
1dl berry jam
1 litre vanilla ice cream

2 egg whites
½dl sugar
½ dl icing sugar

Divide the cake base into three Tulikivi baking dishes (0.5 litres). Spoon the jam over the cake bases. Use an ice cream scoop to form the ice cream into balls and place the ice cream balls onto the jam. Put the dishes in the freezer while you prepare the meringue.
Whisk the egg whites. When the egg whites start to turn into foam, add the sugar in a few batches while continuing to whisk. When the foam is shiny, use a scraper to stir in the icing sugar.
Quickly cover the ice cream with the meringue, one dish at a time, to prevent the ice cream from melting. Carefully spread the meringue over the ice cream with a spoon. To prevent the ice cream from melting in the oven there should be no gaps in the surface or edges.
You can assemble the baked Alaska the day before and put in the freezer and bring them out to room temperature 10 minutes before baking.
Bake in a 250°C bakeoven for about 3–5 minutes until they have turned golden brown.


Berry jam

200g frozen berries (blueberries, raspberries, strawberries)
100g jam sugar

Slowly bring the berries to a boil. When the berries have melted, add the jam sugar. Cook gently for 10 minutes while stirring occasionally. Chill the jam and leave to cool until the next day.

Recipe: Ari Ruoho and Peppi Aralehto.