At the heart of Tulikivi

Our story of warmth, quality and responsibility

Our roots

Tulikivi was created by combining Finnish knowledge of the Arctic conditions, expertise in heating with wood and unique soapstone reserves. Soapstone, which is easy to work, has been used in Finland for hundreds of years. The exploitation of the soapstone in Juuka on an industrial scale was started by the company Suomen Vuolukivi Oy – Finska Täljsten Ab that was founded in 1893. The company is known for the facades and reliefs of prestigious buildings in Helsinki, and in 1904 for the fireplace creations designed by Eliel Saarinen, Armas Lindgren and Herman Gesellius.

Tulikivi Corporation in its current form was founded in 1980 by Reijo and Eliisa Vauhkonen to respond to the rising energy costs caused by the oil crisis and growing environmental awareness in Europe with heat-retaining soapstone fireplace.

From history to today

More than 300,000 homes around the world are heated with Tulikivi fireplaces

Experiences & warmth

Tulikivi’s mission is to create genuine experiences and reliable heat with natural materials. Over the decades, our customers in Finland, Europe and North America have come to love the unique heating properties of soapstone and its soft warmth with the demanding technical requirements that we, as the world’s most northern manufacturer of fireplaces and saunas, are able to set for our products.

As life becomes increasingly digital, the experience of a real fire reduces stress levels, creating a feeling of wellbeing and balance. It also creates a feeling of safety.

The owners of Tulikivi products have come to love the soft thermal radiation emitted by soapstone. The stone surface is safe and pleasant to touch. Thanks to the relatively low surface temperature of the stone, heat is transferred into the room as rays of heat that warm the people, objects and structures in the room. The room is filled with even warmth from floor to ceiling and the air is pleasant to breathe. This is the essential difference compared with metal stoves, as their hot surfaces and the hot air they produce result in large temperature differences in the indoor air, which can make it feel uncomfortable.


Our vision is to stand out from the rest on the fireplace, sauna heater and natural stone market, and offer design and technological expertise that are highly valued. Over recent years, we have created four different fireplace collections, an advanced electric sauna heater collection and a trendy interior design stone collection, all based on consumer preferences, in line with our philosophy. At the same time, modern design has become a natural part of our products, alongside their high technical quality. Tulikivi products are loved by Italian masters of style, French gourmets, the Swiss with their attention to detail and the Finns who appreciate warmth. Tulikivi products are high quality and durable. An efficient fireplace and sauna heater needs less firewood.


Tulikivi’s traditional business model is a natural part of Finnish society. Tulikivi’s operations are based on the efficient use of its own soapstone reserves located in Finland and industrial material wastage. Our raw materials are not imported from distant countries as they are processed on site where they are quarried. At the same time, the short journey of raw materials to the factory and from there to the customer reduces the carbon footprint of the manufacturing of the products.

Tulikivi’s products are manufactured responsibly in Finland by its own committed personnel. Tulikivi is committed to observing the principles of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and requires its supply chain to do the same. We employ around 250 people in Finland.

Tulikivi is a modern material formed over billions of years.