Efficient Heat and Heat Retaining

Compact Size – Modern Design

he new Jero Collection fireplaces are compact as a stove, yet retaining heat for up to 15 hours after the fire has gone out and gently emitting warmth like a heat-retaining fireplace. Thanks to its compact size, the fireplace effortlessly blends into various rooms and interior styles. The soapstone surface of the fireplace creates a beautiful natural look. Additionally, the full-width door of the fireplace provides a splendid view of the flames and establishes a cozy atmosphere.

Made in North Karelia in Finland

Jero Fireplaces are designed and manufactured in North Karelia Finland. Soapstone is extracted from Tulikivi’s own quarries and combined with Kermansavi’s recycled ceramics for its fire chamber. The name Jero is connected to the beautiful landscapes of Koli and brings Finnish quality to your home.

Authentic Stone Surface –Unique Appearance

Each soapstone is unique and adds a natural ambiance. You can choose from different surface options that suit various interiors.

Classic (Korpi, Puro): A timeless and elegant choice that fits into many different interior styles.
Grafia (Korpi): Modern and urban, adds edge to a contemporary home.
Nobile (Korpi, Puro): Luxurious and profound, adds distinctiveness and character.
Unica (Korpi): Personal and unique, turns your fireplace into a unique masterpiece.

Fireplaces of the collection

New Jero


Height 1355 - 1805 mm
Width 500 mm
Depth 500 mm
Weight 460 - 630 kg
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New Jero


Height 1355 - 1805 mm
Width 520 mm
Depth 440 mm
Weight 540 - 740 kg
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