Features of the Karelia collection

The firebox is the nerve centre of the fireplace

Fireplace operating principle

The firebox is the nerve centre of the fireplace and it affects the entire operation of the fireplace. Tulikivi fireplaces function on the counterflow principle, which recovers the thermal energy from the hot flue gases. The hot flue gases rise from the firebox to the upper combustion area and to the side channels, where the thermal energy transfers to the body of the fireplace. From the body, the heat radiates evenly to the surroundings. This also creates a rising air flow outside the fireplace that warms up, which transfers heat slowly and softly to the room.

Base vent

Fireplace with side channel

In narrow models, the flue gases circulate in a spiral channel towards the flue connection. In spiral channel models, the thermal energy of the flue gases is also retained in the stones of the fireplace.

Top vent

Fireplace with side channel

Top vent

Spiral channel fireplace

The ducting of combustion air to the fireplace should be considered when designing the house

When the heating of the fireplace starts, combustion air can be taken either from outside from under the fireplace (independent of indoor air), through the flue (soapstone surface Karelia fireplaces) or from the room through the maintenance door. The fireplace has an easy-to-use control for air intake. The control has three settings: off, combustion and embers. The air intake remains in the combustion position until the firebox contains only embers, which can then be burned rapidly using the embers position.

According to a recent study by the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, heat-retaining Tulikivi fireplaces can supply more than 50 per cent of the heating energy in residential buildings.

An efficient Tulikivi heater burning wood or pellets is an excellent choice for traditional homes, as it keeps the building warm with a small amount of fuel. A Tulikivi soapstone heater is a source of gentle and pleasant heat. You can feel the effect of the heat by touching the heater surface or in the form of radiant heat, which is like the heat from the sun and feels pleasant on your skin and body.

A long heat-release time also makes it ideal for low-energy homes. The Senso fireplace controller makes the fireplace even easier to use. It takes care of the air control for you and tells you when to add wood. Senso is controlled by a smartphone app.

The gentle heat reaching every corner of your home keeps you warm and heats the building structures, furniture and fixtures from top to bottom. Icy toes are a thing of the past and you can walk barefoot in your house. Wood-burning stoves and fireplace inserts behave very differently as the warm air generated by them simply rises to the ceiling. A Tulikivi fireplace does not blow hot air into the room, which means that the air stays fresh and free of dust. This also makes life easier for people suffering from allergies. It is also possible to direct heat in the desired direction with insulation.