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Width, mm 1183
Depth, mm 951
Height, mm 1680
Weight, kg 2150
Firebox width, mm 400
Firebox depth, mm 360
Leivinuunin tulipesän leveys, mm 420
Leivinuunin tulipesän syvyys, mm 430

Heat technology

Energy sign A+
Area to be heated, m2 40-100
Energy intensity, kWh 65,9
Nominal power (min-max), kW 2,1
Efficiency, % 80
Maximum amount of wood, kg 20
Heat release time (h) 100% 4,6
Heat release time (h) 50% 19,3
Heat release time (h) 25% 31,4

Safety distances

Safety distances back, mm 150
Safety distances up, mm 250
Safety distances front, mm 1000

Chimney connection and combustion air information

Chimney recommendation, ø mm 175…210
Fire air intake from under the floor, connection size, ø mm 150