Heat-retaining fireplaces

10 reasons to choose Tulikivi

Committed to sustainability and owner experience

Tulikivi stands at the forefront of technological innovation in the solid-fuel heating industry. Our Research and Development team is dedicated to continuously reducing environmental impacts while enhancing user experience. The presence of the Key Flag symbolises our commitment to doing good for our customers, the environment and Finland. As pioneers, we take pride in being the first company in our sector to calculate the carbon footprint of our fireplaces, setting a benchmark for sustainability and accountability.

Environmentally conscious and highly efficient

At Tulikivi, we prioritise eco-friendly practices in all that we do. Our fireplaces are engineered to burn exceptionally clean, surpassing even the most stringent emission standards. By opting for a modern Tulikivi fireplace, you not only reduce your energy consumption but also minimise emissions, contributing to a healthier environment. Wood burned in our fireplaces releases the same amount of carbon dioxide into the natural cycle as it does during decay, ensuring a sustainable heating solution. With our efficient design, you’ll need minimal wood for heating, resulting in fewer emissions and minimal ash production. Our Karelia line offers particular versatility, allowing you to burn either firewood or energy-efficient wood pellets. Our other lines can be fuelled with firewood or pressed logs.

Promoting self-sufficiency and cost-effective heating

With a Tulikivi, you gain independence from reliance on electricity, gas, or oil, ensuring your home remains resilient against storms, power outages, and energy distribution issues. Even in challenging conditions, a Tulikivi fireplace keeps your home comfortably warm and ensures you can enjoy warm meals in all circumstances. Our heat-retaining fireplace empowers you to take charge of your heating expenses. Given that over half of a home’s energy consumption is attributed to heating, choosing wood as a fuel source presents a cost-effective alternative to fossil fuels or electricity. Wood, the only fuel that grows on your property, allows you to exercise control over your heating costs while embracing sustainable energy practices.

Inviting warmth and comfort

A Tulikivi fireplace radiates warmth like the gentle rays of the sun, embracing people, pets, furniture, and structures alike. Unlike conventional heating methods, our heat-retaining design ensures that warmth spreads from floor level, preventing heat from rising directly to the ceiling or escaping through the chimney. This creates an inviting ambiance throughout your home, where everyone can bask in cozy comfort.

A wonderful atmosphere

A wonderful atmosphere surrounds a fireplace, making it a unique heat source that creates an unparalleled ambiance. Sitting by the fire is incredibly relaxing and serves as a perfect antidote to screen time. The comforting sound of crackling firewood soothes the senses, echoing a tradition as old as humanity itself. Gathering around fires has provided both safety and enjoyment since ancient times. With a heat-retaining fireplace, you can recreate this timeless experience right in your own home.

Preserving indoor air quality

Tulikivi fireplaces maintain a comfortable surface temperature, preventing indoor air from drying out and reducing the occurrence of convection currents that carry dust. Preserving indoor air quality is particularly important for individuals prone to allergies.

Compatible with other heat sources

When heating needs are moderate, such as in a passive house, a Tulikivi serves as an excellent primary heat source. For more substantial heating requirements, such as in large houses or when the insulation level is average, Tulikivi fireplaces seamlessly integrate with other heating methods. In such cases, an outside air supply is preferable.

Award-winning quality

Tulikivi has been honoured with numerous awards for its industrial design and innovative technologies. Our products blend Finnish expertise in stone processing with modern design language and cutting-edge technological solutions. Rigorous safety and emissions testing conducted by independent laboratories ensures our products meet the highest standards and are approved for sale in most regions. Additionally, our close collaboration with research institutes grants us access to the latest scientific developments.

Sophisticated product design

Tulikivi’s product design focuses on style, safety, usability, and energy efficiency—factors that have been pivotal to our success both in Finland and abroad. Throughout its history, Tulikivi has collaborated with leading Finnish designers and acquired the rights to produce Art Nouveau fireplaces designed by the architecture firm Gesellius, Lindgren, Saarinen for our predecessor, Suomen Vuolukivi Oy. These three custom soapstone fireplaces can still be ordered under the names Herman, Armas, and Eliel.

Crafted in Finland

Tulikivi stands as Finland’s foremost stone processing company and the world’s leading manufacturer of heat-retaining fireplaces. Established in 1980, our company employs approximately 200 skilled professionals. Operating from our factories in Juuka, Heinävesi, and Suomussalmi, we specialize in crafting fireplaces from soapstone and ceramic, alongside producing soapstone cladding for other manufacturers. Additionally, we offer a contemporary line of sauna heaters and a variety of soapstone tiles and slabs for home interiors.

Bringing Tulikivi into your life

Tulikivi fireplaces can integrate into new homes, renovated buildings, or as replacements for existing fireplaces. Our extensive dealer network is dedicated to assisting you every step of the way—from selecting the perfect model to installation and ongoing service.